About the Airship Association

The Airship Association is a not-for-profit company, registered in England. The Association was formed in 1971 to promote the development and operation of powered, steerable, Lighter than Air Vehicles. The objectives of the Airship Association are to:

  • Further the study of the science of Aerostatics and of all matters relating to airships.
  • Encourage the use of airships and raise awareness of their unrealised potential.
  • Circulate information on all matters affecting airships and to publish books and papers connected with airships.
  • Promote research and experimental work on airships.

The Association is owned by its members from around the world and governed by an elected Council. The Council currently draws it's volunteers from as far afield as UK, USA, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. The Association's President is an honorary position offered to a leading public servant, academic or captain of industry. Our current President is Dr Bernd Straeter Dip-Ing, formerly CEO of Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH in Germany, who was elected to the post in mid 2011.

In addition to individual members, the Association has a number of Corporate Members and is in the process of encouraging educational institutions around the world to join its new Academic Institute Membership Scheme.

It is The Association's belief that the proven successes of the Airship Industry up until the early 1960’s should be the foundation for providing viable and cost-effective vehicles for a number of applications. The Association views airships as complementary to other types of aircraft and also to maritime vessels with which they share many capabilities.

The Association publishes a quarterly technical journal, 'AIRSHIP', as well as books and papers connected with airships, and holds annual events for its members, including an International Convention every two years.



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